spor yapmak candır.. ah bir de şunlar olmasa..

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greatist.com spor yapmanın kötü! yanlarını listelemiş.. hepsinden birden muzdaribim yahu..

1. You often wake up when it’s still dark out.  
2. You need to pay attention to (and interact with) bad weather.  
3. Your phone or MP3 player gets sweat in, on, and around it.  
4. You need to go back to work looking like a grease ball and smelling like a Hunger Games contestant.
5. You blaze through deodorant because you sweat like sinner in church.  
6. Your hair feels like a matted, sweaty rat’s nest. 
7. Your hair also looks like straw and your skin feels like sandpaper from so much showering.
8. Your feet look disgusting.  
9. Your favorite sneaks smell like a frat party. 
10. You’ve got to shave your legs and pits more often. (Disregard if you are all for body hair.) 
11. You chafe in unfortunate places. 
12. You regularly become a stink ball that no one wants to sit next to on the bus. 
13. You have a lot of sh!t to carry around. 
14. Speaking of sh!t, you have to go. All. The. Time. 
15. You need to replace your sneakers all the time.  
16. Your other shoes feel like torture devices.
17. You need to do laundry more often.
18. You’re all sorts of hungry. 
19. Some days, you walk like a sleepy penguin ‘cause your muscles hurt. 
20. You can’t even drown your stinky sorrows in sweet lullabies because your headphones shorted out. 
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