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Apartment Therapy soğuk kış günlerinde çocukları evde oyalamak için 20 öneri getirmiş. tamam bizim çocukların sokağa çıktığı falan yok, çizgi film, cep telefonu ve tablet en favori oyalama tekniklerimiz ama gene de benden söylemesi.. zira bunlar beni bile evde tutar:)

1. Teach the kids to finger knit (shown above, via Flax and Twine).
2. Learn to juggle.
3. Bake bread.
4. Make up a treasure hunt through the house.
5. Have a dance party.
6. Put on Michael Jackson videos and learn the moves.
7. Jam with pots and pans (or actual instruments if you've got them!).
8. Do yoga.
9. Play live Angry Birds with cardboard boxes and plush toys.
10. Play hopscotch on bubble wrap.
11. Make a spy obstacle with crepe paper, tape or string.
12. Make an obstacle course with pillows or other home objects.
13. Play Twister.
14. Twig weaving.
15. Make slime.
16. Wrestle.
17. Make up a song (record it if you can, even if it's just on your phone).
18. Shoot a homemade movie.
19. Play boardgames.
20. Have the kids redecorate their rooms

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